Saturday, 8 October 2011

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Jenny

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Jenny

Blair Waldorf Must Pie! - s01e09 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring gunmetal jewelry

Dan: See you later, Waldorf. So… so today was not boring.
Jenny: No. I never should have asked mom to come home but I didn’t see this coming.
Dan: Who could’ve? Don’t worry about it.
Jenny: It’s so weird to think that our parents had lives before us, you know?
Dan: I know, or that they had lives before each other, huh?
Jenny: Yeah, Lily seemed pretty upset. I wonder what happened while we were gone.
Dan: I don’t know but it looks like we’re about to find out.
Rufus: Hey! Who’s in the mood for a little Humphrey family scrimmage? What’ll it be? Kids againgst the parents? Boys against the girls?
Jenny: Oh, definitely. Girls against the boys because last year I got burned by Dan’s weak forward pass.
Dan: Hey, I was nursing a rotator cuff injury from aught-5.
Jenny: Come on, mom. Let’s go work out our plays.
Alison: Yep.
Dan: So dad, not that I’m mad exactly, but not telling me about Serena’s mom was extremely uncool.
Rufus: I should’ve said something, I know. And I’m sorry.
Dan: Given the ick factor alone, I would say that you set my progress back by at least several months.
Rufus: Oh, come on. You’re Humphrey man. No daughter of Lily’s could ever resist.
Dan: How’d you leave it back there with her?
Rufus: Well, I wouldn’t be expecting Lil over for dinner anytime soon. Your mom and I need to focus on the future, not the past. That’s a lot easier for all of us without her around.
Dan: Well… well, let’s play with the old pigskin then.

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