Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Blair

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Blair

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring white jewelry

Blair: Have you seen Nate?
Chuck: Nate was asked to leave but here I am.
Blair: I know that look. That's your look when your plan falls into place. You're enjoying this. You knew Carter was going to my house. You tipped off Gossip Girl. You ruined my cotillion on purpose. You did all this for your own enjoyment and didn't care what it would do to me, which is exactly why you and I could never work.
Chuck: Wait. Slow down there, Waldorf.
Blair: You make me sick. This thing between us. It's over for good.
Chuck: Look, Blair, wait. I didn't mean to...
Blair: Don't talk to me.
Chuck: Blair!

 We hear: The Pierces - Three wishes

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