Friday, 14 October 2011

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena

Hi, Society - s01e10 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring an amethyst necklace

Blair: Is your mom mad that you’re not being presented?
Serena: Well, she doesn’t really like to stand on since I found out she used to be my boyfriend’s father’s biggest fan.
Blair: Yeah.
Serena: Ew! It sounds so gross when you say it out loud.
Blair: Silly me. Here I actually thought you wanted to go.
Serena: I’m here with you, aren’t I?
Blair: Yeah, only ‘cause your grandmother’s meeting you here.
Serena: Blah-blah-blah.

Cece: Ah! There is my magnificent granddaughter.
Serena: Grandma.
Cece: Oh!
Lily: Oh, hello mother.
Cece: Is there a bar in this place?
Woman: No!
Cece: I should’ve known I had to bring the party myself. So this must be Daniel.
Dan: Dan actually. Dan Humphrey. Yeah. Hi.
Cece: My granddaughter told me that you were delighted when she decided not to make her debut this weekend?
Serena: Yeah, go ahead. Tell her what you think. Grandma loves honesty. It’s okay.
Dan: Well, cotillions just seem antiquated to me. You know, remnant of a different age.
Cece: Well, do go on.
Dan: People spend all this money to have their daughters basically dance in front of others for attention. When… if you ask Serena, I bet she’d do that for you right now, free of charge.
Cece: The cotillion teaches the great graces that women should always have in their arsenal.
Dan: I think Serena’s graces are pretty spectacular as they are.
Serena: Oh, besides grandma, you haven’t used your graces in a while.
Cece: Oh, you.
Serena: Oh, isn’t she great?
Dan: She’s… she’s greate. She’s something.
Cece: Dan Humphrey, was it?
Lily: Yes, mother.

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