Monday, 6 February 2012

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Blair

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Blair

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Blair by thegossiplook featuring cultured pearl jewelry

Elise: Oh my God, Blair crashed Jenny's party. 
Isabel: You look... 
Blair: I know. 
Hazel: Jenny's gonna freak. 
Blair: Watch and learn, ladies. The most important parties to attend are the ones you're not invited to. Where's the host? I have something for him. 
Penelope: So was it as special as you hoped it would be? 
Hazel: Cause yours totally wasn't.
Penelope: And yours was? 
Jenny: I mean, yeah. Asher made me feel really safe. 
Hazel: You are so lucky. 
Jenny: I know. 
Elise: You guys, Blair is here. 
Jenny: What is she doing here? She wasn't invited.

Blair: We need to talk. 
Asher: Give us a moment, guys. 
Blair: I thought you might want this back. 
Asher: Whatever you found, it's not what it looks like. 
Blair: It's always "what it looks like." And judging by the texts and photos, it "looks like" a little more than friendship. 
Asher: What are you going to do with them? 
Blair: Well, lucky for you, your friend is someone I actually care about, or I would've used them against you and Jenny already. Too bad you don't care about him the same way. 
Eric: It's okay, Blair. I can handle this. 
Asher: What's he doing here? 
Jenny: What is she doing here? 
Eric: Are you gonna tell her, or am I? 
Asher: There's nothing to tell. 
Eric: Gossip Girl was right. Asher was kissing someone this morning. Me. 
Asher: He's totally lying. Tell him, Jenny. I was with you all morning. 
Jenny: Yeah. Asher's right. I was with him. Eric's lying. 
Eric: Why would I stand here in front of everyone we know, and tell them if it wasn't true? I'm gay. And so are you. 
Asher: Get this faggot out of here! 
Eric: Go ahead and do it. 
Asher: What did you just do? 
Blair: You'll see... 
Blair: Looks like someone needs a semester in France. 
Penelope: Get your things, girls. We're leaving. 
Jenny: Guys, we can still have fun. Don't leave. 
Hazel: It's kind of hard to party after the gay bomb drops.
Penelope: I'm gonna do something out of character, and give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell us Gossip Girl is wrong. 
Hazel: Did you or did you not sleep with Asher? 
Jenny: I... may have exaggerated a little bit. 
Penelope: Dating a gay guy is an honest mistake, but lying to your girlfriends about sex is unforgivable. 
Isabel: To think, I almost asked you to wear a matching dress tonight. 
Nelly Yuki: You're branded now with the L word. 
Elise: "Liar."
Penelope: So what are we doing tonight? 
Blair: "We" are doing nothing. I, however, am going home. 
Penelope: But, um... 
Blair: Tomorrow, dinner at the Waverly and then to 151 for drinks? 
Penelope: Yeah. 
Blair: I'll have Dorota Blackberry everyone an itinerary. 
GossipGirl: Don't look so sad, Little J. The sun'll come out tomorrow. Even though your boyfriend did today.

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