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Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring a camel clutch

Serena: So where are we? 
Lily: It's the Fairman's house. This is where the boy who died grew up, and his parents are expecting you. 
Serena: Mom, I can't go in there.
Lily: Sweetie... If I've learned anything in life, it is that sometimes things get in your path, and you have a choice. You can either smash right into them, or you can adjust and move around, but you have to do one or the other in order to move forward. 
Serena: How can I do this? 
Lily: I'm gonna be right by your side. 

Lily: You okay? 
Serena: No. No, I feel terrible, Mom. 
Lily: Oh, you heard what they said. Look, Peter was an addict for ten years. His own parents couldn't get him to stop using, there's no way that a sixteen-year-old girl could have. They don't hold you responsible. You don't need to blame yourself... 
Serena: -- But I am responsible, Mom. I'm the one that gave him the line that killed him. 
Lily: Serena, those were his drugs, okay? If you hadn't given them to him, he would have taken them himself. 
Serena: Then why do I still feel like this? 
Lily: Because contrary to what I might have said earlier, you are a good person who, since that night, has been living your life with care and compassion and respect for yourself and for others. I'm sorry I doubted you. 
Serena: Thank you. There's something else i have to do. Will you help me? 
Lily: Absolutely. 
Serena: Take me to see Dan. 
Vanessa: Hmm. Some date we've got here. You even brought your friends... The ones I can't stand.
Blair: Where's Georgina? 
Nate: What are you gonna do? You heard what Serena said. 
Chuck: Yeah, like we care.
Vanessa: Georgina left. 
Blair: Left for where? 
Vanessa: I don't know, she just took off. If I could only find Dan... He's around here somewhere... 
Nate: Well, let's go look for him. Alone. 
Blair: Hey, what are you doing here? 
Serena: Hey, what are you doing here? 
Blair: I... I'm a big Leaky Hawk fan? 
Serena: ...I'm looking for Dan and Georgina. 
Chuck: You're out of luck. Georgina's gone. 
Serena: And Dan?
Chuck: I'm out of luck. He's still around. 
Serena: It's all over now. I can finally tell Dan everything. Will you help me find him? 
Blair: Hey, psst. I think it's for you. 
Serena: Hey! Thank God you called, I'm here looking for you right now. Where are you? 
Georgina: With me. 
Serena: Georgina? 
Georgina: I hear you told our little secret. If that's the way you wanna play it, that's how we'll play it. 
Serena: No, I'm not afraid of you anymore. 
Georgina: Oh? You should be. 'Cause all bets are off. 
Serena: Why? What are you gonna do? 
Georgina: It's not what I'm gonna do, sweetie. It's who I'm gonna do it with... 
Serena: No. I know Dan. He's too good. 
Georgina: You sure about that?
Dan: How did everything go with your Mom? 
Georgina: Good. Yeah. She was glad I finally found someone I could trust. Um... Are you sure that you don't mind missing the after party to have coffee with me? 
Dan: You know what? After the day I've had, there's no place I'd rather be. 
GossipGirl: If I were you, S, I'd be worried. In the city that never sleeps, a lot can happen in one night... Sweet dreams, Serena. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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