Saturday, 11 February 2012

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina

Women on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina

Women on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina by thegossiplook featuring blue scarves

GossipGirl: In our modern age, when you can call someone and can't find them, you can pretty much be sure they'll get the message
Georgina: Hey S, it's Georgie. Listen, I know it's early, but I thought I'd ... So this is my third call. Where are you? ...It's me again. I've left you a couple messages, and you haven't called me back... I think we should hang out today. Friends hang out.... Maybe you've lost your cell phone. Can't wait to see you... 
GossipGirl: But if they don't call you back, it usually means they don't want to be found.

Georgina: You're not calling me back, and you're not picking up. I thought you understood me, but maybe I should make myself a little more clear and come to you. We can talk about it over coffee. I brought it just the way you like it...dark but sweet. Oh, no... 
Dan: Hey, Sarah! 
Georgina: Dan! Hey! Oh, my gosh! What a coincidence. 
Dan: Yeah. What ... what are you doing here?
Georgina: Oh, um, I actually have an old friend from Portland staying here. 
Dan: Oh, okay. 
Georgina: What are you doing here? 
Dan: Oh, I just... I came looking for Serena, but she, uh, apparently didn't come home last night, so I'm just... I don't know. I'm trying to figure out what to think. She's been... Well, let's just say she's not been herself lately. So I... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what to do exactly. 
Georgina: Why don't you try giving her a call again? And when she sees it's you calling, she'll immediately pick up and tell you all about it. 
Dan: Hey. Hey, I've been looking all over for you! 
Drew: Hey, is this Dan? 
Dan: Who's this?
Drew: My name's Drew. I'm the bartender at 1OAK. Some girl left this phone here last night, it's been ringing off the hook all morning. You were the first number on the speed dial... 
Dan: "Some girl"? What... What girl? 
Drew: Tall, blonde, left here around two with three guys. Skipped out on her tab, which was pretty substan... 
Georgina: Hey. What is it? 
GossipGirl: Spotted: Lonelyboy on the Upper East Side, learning the lesson that nothing stays missing for long... 
Dan: It's nothing. Nothing.

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