Sunday, 12 February 2012

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Chuck

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Chuck

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Chuck by thegossiplook featuring suede shoes

Planner: The guests will be checked into their suites as soon as they arrive. The walk-through is at two, and the rehearsal dinner starts promptly at seven PM in the Reid salon. Oh, and don't forget. You have your interview with Rolling Stone in one hour. 
Bart: The interview. How could we forget? 
Dan: Hey, uh, excuse me, Mr. Bass, Ms. Van der Woodsen. 
Lily: Not for long, thank you very much. 
Bart: Morning, Daniel. 
Dan: Morning. Good morning. Have either of you seen Serena? She's not upstairs. 
Planner: Uh, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock. 
Lily: No, Dan. Sorry. 
Dan: Okay. ...And her bed hasn't been slept in... 
Chuck: Well, I knew housekeeping was hiring, but I had no idea their standards were so low. 
Dan: I hate that I have to ask you this, but have you seen Serena? 
Chuck: Oh, I've seen lots of Serena. Are you drunk dialing again? ...No, Serena didn't come home last night. I thought she was with you. 

Nate: Hey. 
Chuck: Hey. Maybe this is Blair's idea of a perverse double date. 
Dorota: Miss Blair asks that you should wait there. She's on her way now. 
Nate: She's not even here? 
Chuck: Well, this oughta be good. 
GossipGirl: ...Things always turn up, for better... 
Nate: Well, is something actually wrong, or is this just some ploy to get us both here?
Blair: I meant what I said on the phone. I need your help. We need your help. 
GossipGirl: ...Or for worse. 
Nate: Oh my God. You okay? ... What's wrong with her? 
Blair: Take her upstairs, get her upstairs. Dorota! Coffee. Fast. 

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