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Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Serena by thegossiplook featuring heart jewelry

Dan: What's happening? 
Serena: Dan... 
Dan: Something is going on, and I just want to be let in on what it is. 
Serena: It's hard to explain... 
Dan: Well... Why don't I make it easy for you? I know you're keeping something from me, and I'm sick of being the only one you don't talk to about it. 
Serena: I'm not talking to anyone. 
Dan: Then what are they doing here, while... While I get a call from a bartender who says you left a bar at two in morning with a bunch of guys? What guys, Serena? Who... Who were they? 
Serena: I don't know.
Dan: Did something happen last night? 
Serena: Please don't... 
Dan: Is that... Is that what you're so afraid to tell me? That you cheated on me? Did you cheat on me last night? All I need is a yes or a no, did you sleep with someone else? 
Serena: Yes. Yeah. 
Dan: I'm done. I'm done.

Serena: ...I can't believe I just did that. 
Nate: Then why did you? I mean, did you cheat on Dan? 
Serena: No. I remember last night. I didn't do anything. 
Blair: Then why would you say that to him? 
Serena: Because I would rather Dan think I cheated on him than know what I really did. 
Nate: What you really did? 
Serena: Dan puts me on a pedestal. If he knew the truth, he would never look at me again.
Chuck: You're starting to scare even me. What did you do? 
Nate: Come on. You can tell us. 
Blair: We've seen you with vomit in your hair, making out with investment bankers in the men's room at PJ Clarke's. You don't have to hide anything from us. 
Nate: She's right, Serena. I mean, none of us are saints. 
Blair: Yeah, I had sex with him in the back of a limo. 
Chuck: Several times. 
Nate: I had sex with you at a wedding while I was her date. Once. 
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. 
Blair: You can tell us anything. We don't judge. We're the non-judging Breakfast Club. We're your best friends. Anything you do is something we did, too. 
Serena: If I tell you, it can never leave this room. You all know Georgina Sparks. 
Blair: Some of us better than others. It's not like you didn't lose your virginity to her in seventh grade. 
Chuck: Sixth, actually, and I've been avoiding her ever since. The bitch is a psycho. 
Nate: What about her? 
Serena: Well, something happened the night of the Shepherd wedding.
Blair: I think we're all aware of what happened that night. 
Serena: No, something else, something I've tried to escape, but Georgina won't let me. And now she's blackmailing me. 
Nate: Blackmailing you? 
Chuck: With what exactly?
Serena: Well... It started when Blair thought you and I had too much to drink. She told us to go outside, get some air, sober up. Instead, we went into the empty bar, I opened the bottle of champagne, and we... Well... 
Blair: We can skip that part, okay? 
Chuck: Go ahead. I'll fill her in later. 
Serena: I left in a hurry. I felt so terrible, so guilty for what I had just done. I just... I had to get out of there. Georgina and I had plans to meet up after, so I headed straight to her. Little did I know she had a surprise waiting for me... I didn't know it at the time, but she was taping me. Lucky for me, I was... I was too stuck on what had just happened to be much fun for anyone.
Blair: What is it? 
Serena: I can't. 
Blair: Yes. Yes, you can. 
Serena: I'm scared. 
Blair: We're right here. 
Serena: So Georgina told me we had to split up. Then she said that people might be looking for us, but I... I couldn't go, I just couldn't. So I waited near the hotel, across the street. All I wanted was to see the paramedics helping Pete. But that's not what I saw. I didn't know what to do. I... I just knew I had to leave right away. I took a train heading north, and I got a room and convinced my mom that boarding school was a good idea, and... 
Blair: Never said good-bye. It makes sense now. 
Nate: But what does she even want from you? 
Serena: Well, when she came back, I... I told her that I moved on from the lifestyle that she was still in, but she didn't like that. So somehow, she became friends with Dan and ... and Vanessa and called herself "Sarah." 
Blair: Why don't you just tell Dan about her? 
Serena: Because she has that tape of me, and she'll use it. It's practically a snuff film. 
Chuck: We need to find her. 
Serena: No. Please. Promise me, please. Promise me you won't do anything. Because if you do, then she'll show Dan. ...If he even ever speaks to me again. 
GossipGirl: Watch out, S. Just because you finally tell the truth doesn't mean there won't be consequences.
Serena: God, what have I done? 

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