Sunday, 5 February 2012

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Georgina by thegossiplook featuring a leather necklace

Lily: Where do you think you're going? 
Serena: I can't talk right now, Mom. I'll explain later. 
Lily: If you invite an old friend to our quiet family dinner, I expect you to stay and eat. You know how I always loved when Georgina came around. 
Georgina: I ran into Lily in the lobby. You totally forgot to tell her I was coming over for dinner! Did you get my present? 

Serena: Hey... B, now's not a good time. 
Blair: It's important. 
Serena: Look, I know I told you I'd be more available, but I just can't right now. 
Blair: But it can't wait! 
Serena: Sorry. It was just Blair. 
Georgina: Oh. How is Snow White? 
Eric: Uh, Snow Not-So-White. Did you hear that she and... 
Serena: --Eric. 
Lily: So Georgina, what brings you back to New York?
Georgina: Oh, I just had some time to kill. 
Serena: She went to boarding school in Switzerland. 
Lily: Oh, your parents must be happy you're back. 
Georgina: Oh, no. Actually, they've moved to the country full-time. I'm just in the city to catch up with some old friends. What about you? You and that gorgeous Tiffany rock seem to be the talk of the city. 
Lily: Thank you. Mr. Bass and I are very, um, happy. 
Georgina: You look it. You all do. I mean, there must be love in the New York air. You're engaged, Serena's found a new guy, Eric found himself a boyfriend... 
Eric: Excuse me? 
Georgina: Oh, I... 
Lily: I'm sorry. I don't think I heard you right. 
Georgina: What? You haven't met Serena's new guy? 
Lily: A... boyfriend? 
Georgina: Oh. You mean Eric. You didn't know he was dating someone? I... didn't think it was a secret, I mean, I saw them kissing in front of St. Jude's this morning for all the world to see... Well, don't look so embarrassed, E, he is a hot piece! Well done. 
Serena: Please, Georgina. It's not funny, okay? 
Georgina: You... You didn't know Eric was dating a boy. 
Lily: This doesn't make any sense, because that would mean ... that Eric is... And he's not. He's just not. Are you? Oh God. 
Serena: Eric. Great, Mom. That's just great. How dare you?

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