Sunday, 19 February 2012

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina

Woman on the Verge - s01e17 - Georgina by thegossiplook featuring zebra print scarves

Georgina: Hey, V. I didn't realize you'd be able to hang during the concert. 
Vanessa: Do you have something you want to say to me? 
Georgina: Not that I know of... 
Vanessa: You sure about that, Georgina? My friend says Serena told him some story about you, and he's on his way to fill me in. Unless you want to do that first? 
Georgina: I don't know what you're talking about. 
Vanessa: I'm not a big fan of liars, and neither is Dan. I'm giving you a chance to explain yourself here. 
Dan: Where's Sarah going? 
Vanessa: I don't know who she is. Nate just called me and said her name is Georgina. 
Dan: That's what that girl... That's what that girl back there called her. Why would she lie about her name? 
Vanessa: I think there's some other stuff, too... 
Roadie: Vanessa, Rufus can't find the set list. Do you know where it is? 
Vanessa: I taped it into the top of his Gibson case, uh... I'll get it. This will just take two minutes, just don't go anywhere. Stay right here. I'll be right back. 

Dan: Okay, so your name is really Georgina. Well, I don't understand why you felt like you had to lie to us. 
Georgina: Because... My boyfriend -- well, my ex-boyfriend -- when we broke up, he wasn't too happy about it, and things got out of control. 
Dan: Okay, well, what happened? 
Georgina: I came home one day, and... My car was broken into, and then a week later, my room was trashed, and I got really scared. I changed all my numbers, I moved in with a friend, and yet he still tracked me down. It was my Mom's idea to change my name and move out of town. I hate being away from my family, but... It's better than getting hurt, right? 
Dan: Yeah, right. 
Georgina: I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just... I wasn't supposed to tell anybody. 
Dan: No, no, no. No. No. I get that. I get it. 
Georgina: And I also didn't want you to think less of me, because I haven't wanted to admit it, but, um... From the moment that I met you, I've been falling for you. Oh my God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't... I don't know what I'm saying... 
Dan: You know, um, you know, it's really loud here. Do you wanna go somewhere else, someplace quiet we can talk? 
Georgina: But your Dad's about to go on... 
Dan: He'll understand. It's not like we won't be watching this on YouTube for the next five years. 

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