Tuesday, 7 February 2012

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Jenny

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Jenny

All About My Brother - s01e16 - Jenny by thegossiplook featuring strapless dresses

Blair: My, my. If it isn't Little J, risen from the ashes. 
Jenny: I came to tell you in person. You win. 
Blair: Oh sweetie, we just started to play! 
Jenny: No, you don't understand. I'm done. With you, with them, with all of it. 
Blair: Just like that, you wave the white flag? 
Jenny: I lied, and I stole, and I lost the respect of my family... for what? So I can be like you? You asked me before if it was all worth it. My answer is, it's not. 
Blair: I tried to warn you... There's a price to pay. I always knew a girl like you couldn't afford it. 
Jenny: Well, you were right. 
Blair: Well, you put up a good fight... For a freshman. 
Jenny: Thanks. 
Blair: I hope you don't expect a hug. 
Jenny: I don't expect anything anymore. 

GossipGirl: Another way the truth comes out: When you don't even mean it to... 
Rufus: "Angry, Change, Trust, Girl." Somethin' you wanna talk about? 
Dan: Who would have thought Scrabble could be so therapeutic? That last one was a triple word score... 
GossipGirl: Or when, without saying a word, it's still loud and clear
Jenny: Dad? Do you think it'd be okay if I joined you? 
Rufus: You know there's always room for you here. 
Dan: Yeah, and dad's totally losing, so he could use your help. 
Jenny: Dad, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything. 

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