Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Blair

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Blair

Blair: Oh, God, I forgot what it was like to be with you.
Serena: No, they were looking at both of us.
Blair: Don't insult me. It's been like this all morning, starting with your lovely visit with my mother. She didn't even call me to tell me she was coming home.
Serena: Well, she was busy. She was rushing to get home and everything because she wanted to see you.
Blair: She didn't even wake me up.
Serena: Well, you know how Eleanor feels about beauty rest.
Blair: She likes you more than me.
Serena: She does not. You are her daughter. She doesn't like anyone more than you. She just... I don't know, doesn't know how to show it sometimes.
Blair: Okay, I'm going inside. Wait for me. I'll be right back. 

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