Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Vanessa

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Vanessa

Vanessa: God! I love New York! There was only one theater in Woodbury and all it ever played were family movies. "The Pacifier" played for, like, a year.
Dan: And they said Vin Diesel couldn't do comedy.
Vanessa: I can't pick. Overwhelmed by choice. Whatever you want.
Dan: Yeah, sure, whatever.
Vanessa: You do wanna do something, right? I mean, you don't have plans. Big night out with overprivileged, under-parented trust fund brats from your fancy school?
Dan: Yeah, the limo's actually waiting back at the loft.
Vanessa: Good, we can egg it. Maybe slash the tires? So, is it weird, having me back?
Dan: No, why, uh, why... why would it be weird?
Vanessa: Because you said some things the night that I left...
Dan: Things that you immediately asked me to take back.
Vanessa: Because I was leaving... but now I'm here.
Dan: Yeah, and it's been over a year, you know? A lot has happened, actually.
Vanessa: And I look forward to hearing about it tonight. Late show, Angelika? Whatever's playing?
Together: Unless it's "The Pacifier"!
Dan: All right. I'll get tickets.
Vanessa: Glad to be home, Humphrey.
Dan: Glad to have you, Abrams. 


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