Monday, 15 August 2011

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Serena & Dan

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Serena & Dan

Serena: Hey.
Dan: Hey, hey, uh, am I early or...
Serena: Uh, no. No, I, uh, I'm just running late. Come in. Um.. excuse me while I go to slip into something less comfortable.
Dan: Sure, sure.
Serena: Talk to me while I change?
Dan: I will.
Serena: Okay.
Dan: Say, it's a nice place that you and... 800 other people have got here.
Serena: Yeah, the, uh, identical surroundings do make you crazy after a little while. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a secret government experiment.
Dan: Most government experiments don't have plasma TVs or maid services. Just something I 've noticed.
Lily: Dan. Does Serena know you're here?
Dan: Yeah, of course. Yeah, she let me in. At least, I hope that was her. She's about, uh, yea tall and very blonde?
Lily: It makes jokes. Cute.
Dan: Big shopping day?
Lily: I had a lot on my mind. So, where are you taking my daughter tonight?
Dan: I.. I don't know. I thought maybe we'd go a walking tour of New York underground, visit my friends, the mole people. They're great, except they only ever eat leftovers. I'm sorry, I don't know why I said any of that. I have this thing, this nervous tic, where I never stop speaking, like, ever. In fact, when I was a little boy, my mom used to say, there was never a word I met that I didn't like. You know what else I like? Your daughter. I really like your daughter. I...Wow..

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