Friday, 26 August 2011

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Serena & Nate

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Serena & Nate

Serena: Nate, hey. What are you doing here? I thought you were, uh, shouldn’t you be getting ready?
Nate: I’m sorry to bother you. It’s, um, do you have a minute?
Serena: Yeah, of course. Come in.
Nate: Thanks.
Serena: Maybe it’s old. You know, leftover from the 90’s or something, from some night at limelight or the tunnel? Our parents did way worse staff than we do.
Nate: It’s not old and it makes total sense. I think he’s having some money problems.
Serena: Well, have you asked him about it?
Nate: Yeah. I just wish, you know, I wish he’d be honest with me. It’s like he and my mom… They made some secret pact to act like robots.
Serena: Yeah, well, I don’t think that pact is so secret. I think all of our parents signed it.
Nate: But I’m not a little kid anymore. He doesn’t have to shut me out.
Serena: Look, if what you think is right, he’s probably really scared. Maybe you have to tell him how you feel more than once for him to really hear you, you know? Hey, don’t give up, okay? You should probably go. You know, I’ve gotta get ready and stuff.
Nate: Yeah, me too… Um, look, thanks for just listening.
Serena: That’s fine. Yeah, don’t worry about it.
Nate: Chuck just wanted a bump and Blair’s phone was turned off, so it, um, really means a lot.
Serena: Yeah, anytime, Nate. I’ll see you tonight, okay?
Nate: All right, I’ll see ya. Bye.

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