Monday, 29 August 2011

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Serena

The Handmaiden's Tale - s01e06 - Serena

Dan: Hey, Serena, wait.
Serena: What are you really doing here, Dan?
Dan: What am I doing here? I ran across the city, I rented a tuxedo, I stole this mask from some drunken kid, only to look like Robin. I conned my way in here, all to see you. I care.
Serena: Well, you didn’t seem to care this morning, when you were with another girl and lied to me.
Dan: What? Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn’t…well… I did. But I can explain.
Serena: Go ahead. Give it your best shot.
Dan: I was with my friend Vanessa. We’re very close and she moved away to Vermont last year and now she’s back.
Serena: Okay, so why’d you lie and say it was Jenny?
Dan: Because I’m an idiot. I… I don’t know why. I… Look, Vanessa and I… Our relationship is a little complicated, or it was, before I met you. And, honestly, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of you inviting me to this… stupid party.
Serena: Well, I was gonna invite you.
Dan: Really? So not into, uh, Pompous Ass the Fourth?
Serena: You’re saying you’re not into old friend Vanessa?
Dan: That is exactly what I’m saying.
GossipGirl: Oh, yes, the other part we love about a masquerade? When the mask finally comes off and the truth is revealed to all. 

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