Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Blair

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Blair

Guy: Hey, baby, you want to, uh, maybe show me to the bathroom, get lost somewhere around the coat check?
Blair: Well, my answer is usually "never say never", but for you I'll make an exception. Who let the hedge fund mafia in here? I thought Matchy-Matchy was over.
Jenny: So, Eric's here. Now, it's your turn. Truth or dare?
Blair: Do you have to ask?
Jenny: I dare you to make out with that guy.
Blair: Easy.
Jenny: And mean it.
Blair: Watch and learn, little Humprey.
Guy2: I hope Amanda never finds out.
Blair: Who's Amanda?
Guy1: Just my girlfriend.
Blair: Amanda never has to know, does she?
Guy1: Well, I'm not telling her.
Blair: Look what I got. I dare you to call his girlfriend. Her name's Amanda.
Jenny: Done and done. Hello? Amanda? Hi, this is Bl... Claire.Yeah, I just had my tongue down your boyfriend's throat, and he neglected to tell me you existed until after it was over. Just thought you should know. He's a real catch. Bye.
Blair: All right. Sleepover of the year!
All together: Whooo!!!
GossipGirl: Hey, everybody's got to start somewhere. Maybe little J, isn't so little anymore.

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