Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Serena & Dan

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Serena & Dan

Serena: Humphrey! Dan! Hey!
Dan: Hey!
Serena: Oh, my God! This is what I love about this city... You're always bumping into people. What are you doing here?
Dan: Oh, I'm just on my way back from my mom's, dropping Jenny off up in Hudson. Picked up a couple of cubans for me and my dad... Sandwitches, not cigars.
Serena: Hey, uh, remember you said, uh, we could get together sometime and, uh, not talk? I was just wondering, is it "sometime" yet?
Blair: That was disgusting. The D.O.H. should shut them down.
Serena: The bathroom?
Blair: No, the people. It's called nolita, not noshowers. What are you doing here? Do I smell pork? And cheese? Okay, well, when you're done with your charity work, why don't you come find me? I'll be at Tory Berch looking at ponchos.
Dan: Isn't that the girl that told the entire school and, oh, several colleges... that you have a drug problem?
Serena: Yeah. But, you know, Blair can be a little... Blair. We're actually trying to work things out. Today's our first day hanging out together alone.
Dan: Ooh!
Serena: Ooh! So I should probably get back.
Dan: Yeah, yeah, sure. That's ... yeah.
Serena: But, um, call me sometime so we can get together and do that thing you didn't ask me to do

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