Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Serena & Dan

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Serena & Dan

Dan: Well, I can see why your brother would want to leave. That place is, uh, is very depressing.
Serena: And, yet, is designed to treat depression.
Dan: He is a good kid, Eric. He is.
Serena: Yeah. Jenny’s not so bad either.
Dan: Yeah. I.. I know. I know. I just worry about her sometimes.
Serena: Well, worry looks cute on you. Look, I’ve seen Jenny in action and my hunch is she doesn’t let herself get pushed in anything she doesn’t want to do.
Dan: No.. I know… I know.. It’s just that…She’s never mentioned that her idea of a great Friday night consists of painting her face full of make-up and stumbling out to a hip bar in high heels and hanging out with a bunch of drunk wall streeters who don’t even care if she has a name.
Serena: Well, maybe that wasn’t her idea for a great Friday night.
Dan: What do you mean?
Serena: It’s okay for her to want to be friends with the people she goes to school with.
Dan: Why? I’m not.
Serena: And if you made half the effort she did, maybe we would’ve met a long time ago.
Dan: That’s true.
Serena: Then so maybe you would’ve kissed me already.
Dan: No five-star restaurants. No town car.
Serena: No smoky pool hall or bad 80’s music.
Dan: Looks like we finally found common ground.

(Song: Something like that – Tim)

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