Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Lily & Rufus

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Lily & Rufus

Rufus: Hey, I was just about to....
Lily: So, I made some calls. But as it turns out, none of my people know your people. Shocking, but true. Either "Dan Humprey" is an alias or your son is not very popular. Regardless, I need that number.
Rufus: I realised, when I got off the phone with you that I could've been a little bit more understanding.
Lily: You think...
Rufus: I called Dan.
Lily: Thank you.
Rufus: And your son's not with them.
Lily: He's not?
Rufus: But Serena got Eric on the phone, and he's okay, and Dan said they would phone when they were all together.
Lily: Yeah, and you didn't think to call and tell me all of this?
Rufus: I was just about to. Now, I hate to say this, but why don't you sit and wait here? We should hear from them soon.
Lily: Fine. And I'll pass on a glass of that nonpremium liquor that you're drinking. But I will take something to eat. Thank you for offering. What? You still know how to cook, don't you?

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