Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Blair

Dare Devil - s01e05 - Blair

Blair: What was that I heard? Eric's coming home? Perfect timing.
Serena: How so?
Blair: Well, it gives your mother and brother time to bond alone tonight while you get drunk on schnapps and moon the NYU dorms from the limo.
Serena: Blair, what are talking about?
Blair: S, it's only the most important night of the fall.
Serena: Oh, the sleepover.
Blair: I prefer "soiree". "Sleepover" is so sophomore year.
Serena: Look, you know I can't go to that. I have that plan.
Blair: Serena, when there's a Waldorf soiree, there's nothing else on the social calendar.
Serena: Blair, the plan is Dan. Remember the guy you realised is actually human being and worthy of your time and attention? No offense.
Jenny: None taken.
Serena: Look, I'm really sorry, but this break is unbreakable. Maybe we can swing by later or something..
Blair: I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination and if you refuse to attend, I'm gonna have to find a replacement. Girls, the waiting list.
Serena: Well, uh, I should get going. Bye.

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