Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Serena

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Serena

Dan: Hello?
Serena: How was the movie? Did I miss something amazing?
Dan: Well... well, uh, even without the movie.
Serena: Don't be cocky. I'm calling you with a make-up plan.
Dan: Oh, are you now?
Serena: I am. How would you like to see what really happens at a fashion shoot?
Dan: I'm sorry... This is Dan Humphrey. Are you sure you're not trying to reach my sister?
Serena: Look, I know it's a girlie offer, but chew on this... I'll be there.
Dan: Can I bet on that? Because law of averages says I lose my shirt.
Serena: Oh, come on. It's Blair's shoot, so I have to be there for moral support.
Dan: Blair? Well, I'm definitely not going now.
Serena: Look, she's really not as bad as you think. Besides, she's gonna be so busy with the shoot that you won't even have to see her. And since she's so boring on the sidelines, you'll have my full attention. Okay, what if I buy you anything you want from craft service?
Dan: I thought craft service was free.
Serena: I'll see you in the morning at 8:00. I'm texting you the address. I'm hanging up before thou dost protest again.
Dan: Both feet, Humphrey.

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