Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Blair

Bad News Blair - s01e04 - Blair

Blair: Srena send you here to talk to me?
Dan: No, believe it or not, I actually came here myself.
Blair: Normally, I wouldn't be this close to you without a tetanus shot.
Dan: My, uh, my mom kinda left us a couple of months ago... Only my... my dad and my sister don't really see that... 'Cause she told us she had to go away for the summer to, um, to follow her dream of being an artist. But it's... it's not summer anymore and she's still up there, and that's all she seems to care about right now. Every time I go to see her, I tell myself, this time, I'm gonna tell her what I think. This time, I'm gonna look her in the eyes and say "either come home or leave for good". And so there I was, just the other day. I was sitting across the table from her, looking her straight in the eye and I didn't say anything.
Blair: Why not?
Dan: I don't know. But I wish I had, 'cause even if it didn't change anything, she'd know how I felt.  

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